Holiday Plumbing Tips And Tricks

    If there’s one thing that makes the holidays festive, it’s the food. Sure, it’s nice to meet family and talk about the year’s events, but let there be no confusion; everyone’s waiting on dinner. So whether you celebrate the holidays with a roasted turkey, glazed ham, or other treats, you can be sure that your… Read more »

    Do You Need Septic Pumping?

    do you need a septic pumping from genmor plumbing

    Maintaining A Septic Tank Isn’t Easy. It can be easy to forget that our septic tanks need to be cared for to meet our demands. Not everything you wash down your drain disappears. Most of your waste ends up as sludge in your tank. And that doesn’t include all of the things that end up… Read more »

    Are Your Drains Ready for Winter?


    As you’re checking things off your home fall preparations list, pay specific attention to your drains. Fall is drain cleaning season for many reasons, but most notably, to ensure your drains are ready for the holidays and all the subsequent meal preparations and entertaining you will be doing. But, of course, saying that no one… Read more »

    When Should You Replace Your Water Heater?

    Is it time to replace your water heater?

    Is Your Water Heater In Good Condition? Let Us Help You Make This Important Decision! Do you think it may be time to replace your water heater? Knowing your water heater has a problem is easy, but figuring out if it has reached the end of the line is challenging. Don’t worry; the Genmor Plumbing… Read more »

    3 Key Benefits of Using a Garbage Disposal

    A garbage disposal helps this man stay positive and smile

    Ever notice an odor coming from your sink that, no matter how hard you try, you can’t eliminate? This smell could result from food particles and waste rotting within your pipes. Over time, the little scraps of food leftover from our meals can find their way down the drain and form clogs that produce foul-smelling… Read more »

    How To Set Your Water Heater Temperature

    It’s Not As Easy As You Might Think If you find that your water isn’t as hot as you’d like, so you head over to your heater to change the temperature directly. Easy, right? You arrived at your water heater only to be greeted by a single dial. One end of the dial reads WARM,… Read more »

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