Energy-Conserving Ways to Crank up the Heat and Save Money This Season

As a homeowner, you are always looking for ways to cut costs. One way you can significantly reduce costs is by making your home more energy efficient. To get the most out of your home, in addition to making sure that it is airtight, you should make sure that it is safe as well.

That way you’ll have peace of mind because you are saving money and because you are reducing the risk of an accident. Here is what you should do this season:


Again, as a way to make your home heat more efficiently, it needs to be ventilated. Airflow is crucial in keeping the home reasonably dry. If a house is too moist, it won’t heat evenly, which can create problems.

You can either open windows now and then a tiny bit, use exhaust fans or a heat exchange pump to create that balance.

Check Your Alarms

Smoke Alarm CheckA good home is a safe home, so provide yourself with peace of mind by checking on your fire and carbon monoxide alarms. Do you have enough?

It’s advisable to have a smoke alarm on every floor. The same goes with carbon monoxide alarms, but if you only have a couple, place them near the furnace.

Test units to make sure that they work properly. Put in new batteries. Make sure that your home is equipped with fire extinguishers (one on every level) as well.


Insulated HomeThe most important thing that you can do to save money as a homeowner is to make sure that your home is air-tight. You can accomplish that by making sure that there is enough insulation.

Most of heat-loss happens through the walls, not through the doors and windows, so having good quality insulation is essential. There are some known signs that your home needs more insulation: drafts and breezes running through your home, frequent attic leaks, high heating bills, fluctuating temperatures in your home and problems with pests.

It’s a good investment to upgrade your insulation. Not only will you be more comfortable, but you will also reduce your heating bills by 20-40 percent.


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