Your Complete Guide to Saving Money on Your Water Bill This Year

    Water is becoming scarcer and more expensive thanks to forest fires and drought. The result is that most residents of San Jose, CA, are paying a lot more for water.

    This is why it is necessary to conserve water and learn how to recycle greywater. This is the only way to preserve what little water is left and lower the cost of your energy and water bills. Here are some ways that you can save California’s water reserves as well as save money.

    Forsake Baths for Showers

    ShowerUnless you can bathe in an inch or two of water, you are much better off financially if you take a brief shower rather than a long hot soak.

    This is because filling a bathtub even halfway requires at least 30 gallons of water. So instead, try to have a shower less than eight minutes long, which requires using only 15 gallons of water.

    Recycle Greywater In Your Garden

    Water PlantsGreywater is what’s left over after you do the dishes, do laundry or take a bath, and it can be recycled and used to water your lawn or garden.

    Using natural cleaning products to clean your carpets and floors, the leftover water in the bucket can also be used as greywater. However, if the water has many chemicals, salt, or bleach, avoid using it in water plants.

    Collected rainwater can be used to water your garden, wash your bike or fill up a birdbath. It can also be used to wash bikes, BBQs, and other large items, recycled as greywater and poured into your garden. However, rainwater is not recommended for laundry or cooking as it could be tainted with chemicals or fibers from air pollution.

    Drop the Garden Hose And Take The Car to the Car Wash

    Car WashWashing your car with the water from your home’s outdoor faucet is the least economical way to wash your car. This is because hundreds of gallons of water must be used to wash and rinse a vehicle.

    Instead, take the vehicle to the locally automated drive-thru car wash and spend pennies instead of dollars on keeping it looking shiny and pristine.

    Have Your Plumbing Inspected for Leaks

    Water LeakSuppose you have taken measures to cut your water consumption but are still looking at a high water bill. In that case, you might want to have a professional inspect your plumbing system to ensure that your pipes aren’t sweating or bleeding water droplets.

    If you smell mildew or mold, then it can mean that you have a persistent leak. Likewise, condensation on your basement walls indicates that you might have leaking pipes. You should take care of this issue immediately to avoid the distressing of your home’s walls and foundation and prevent high water bills.

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