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    Sump Pump Services in San Jose, CA

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    What Is The Purpose Of A Sump Pump?

    The sump pump is located in the basement or crawl space of your home and it is the way to keep your basement dry in the event that you experience some leaking or flooding into the area. Your sump pump is powered by electricity and pumps excess water out of your basement once it has collected into your sump pit which is likely a hole dug out of the basement floor. Without a sump pump, you could experience significant flooding into your basement or crawl space. This could result in severe damage to anything stored in those spaces and possibly other structural damage to your San Jose home. It is always best to preempt a situation where significant water damage is possible.

    Why Does My Sump Pump Need To Be Replaced?

    Depending on the age of your sump pump, it may not be working to its full capacity. You might be noticing that it is not able to handle the volume of water that you have entering your basement. A new sump pump may be more efficient for you and it also may be better equipped to handle your needs. The higher efficiency you will get out of the new sump pump could easily offset the replacement cost.

    What Do Newer Sump Pump Models Offer?

    It is very likely that a newer sump pump model will feature clog-proofing capabilities such as pump platforms and jam-proof switches. Finding a sump pump with power outage protection is also a good idea. Today’s sump pumps can also sit in a strong plastic sump liner featuring an airtight cover that makes it less noticeable if you tend to utilize the basement as part of your living space. An experienced Genmor Plumbing, Inc. professional can assist you in finding a reliable and cost effective sump pump that can fully suit your needs and work within your budget.

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