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    Plumbing Services in San Jose, CA

    It is time to deal with a plumbing issue you’ve put off? Or are you in an emergency situation that needs immediate attention? Whatever your situation, we have got you covered. If you are in need of a professional plumbing service, you have found it! We want to make you feel confident and totally comfortable when you work with us. Click on the link here to see our current online coupons and specials.

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    Hydro Jetting

    When a sewer gets clogged or has slow movement, a professional plumber can offer hydro jetting as a solution to the issue. It’s a method used by professionals that essentially pushes water through at very high speeds in order to loosen and remove whatever is clogging the drain or sewer line. It normally uses 4000 psi, (pressure per square inch). It can be dangerous if you don’t have an expert do it, so this is definitely not a DIY kind of project. Hydro jetting is really effective, call us to book a technician to see if this is something that can work to address your plumbing problem.

    Do I Need A Slab Leak Repair?

    When you have a leak in one of the water lines beneath the concrete slab in your basement, it is referred to as a “slab leak”. Once the leak reaches above your floor, they are called “pinhole leaks”. Either scenario does cause problems for the homeowner. There are some red flags to watch out for if you suspect you have a slab leak in your home. High water bills, wet base boards, and the most obvious, water on the floor or carpet. If you notice any of these kinds of problems, call us immediately. It’s far better to be safe than sorry in this case.

    More Plumbing Services In Cupertino, CA

    ● Water Heaters
    ● Tankless Water Heaters
    ● Commercial Repiping
    ● Commercial Washer & Dryer Upgrades
    ● Emergency Plumbing
    ● Drain Cleaning
    ● Hydrojetting
    ● Burst Pipe Repair
    ● Gas Line Repair & Installation
    ● Sewer Line Repair & Replacement
    ● Trenchless Sewer Line Repair & Replacement
    ● Garbage Disposal Replacement
    ● Kitchen Plumbing
    ● Clogged Toilet Repair
    ● Sump Pumps
    ● Septic Tank Plumbing
    ● Slab Leak Repair
    ● Water Softeners
    ● Commercial Plumbing

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