San Jose Slab Leak Repair

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    Slab Leak Repair Services in San Jose, CA

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    What Is A Slab Or Foundation Leak And Are They Costly To Repair?

    A slab leak either occurs from a sewer leak or a leak in your water lines. If a water line leak is present, you may not be alerted to it right away. However, you may get a nasty surprise when you get your water bill. The tiniest leak in your water line can leak over 10,000 gallons in a month. Unfortunately, a sewer could leak for years and you might never know. If a sewer leak goes undetected long enough, the excess water can swell the soil enough to lift your house.

    Repair costs for these types of leaks can vary greatly. The condition of the water lines and sewers is one factor to consider. The extent of damage and need for repair or replacement will impact the overall cost considerably. Once your Genmor Plumbing professional has assessed the situation, you may want to contact your insurance company to discuss coverage.

    What Should I Look Out For?

    When a foundation starts to move or shift due to a slab or foundation leak, cosmetic damage can often appear on the surface. Sometimes, the location and shape of damage that is caused on the surface can be the telltale sign of a slab or foundation leak. As you are most attuned to your home’s outdoor landscape, you may be alerted to a leak problem by noticing a cosmetic change in its appearance. A licensed and experienced slab and foundation leak repair specialist can help to diagnose and rectify plumbing leaks that lead to slab and foundation damage.

    How Are Slab And Foundation Leaks Located?

    Expert plumbing professionals like Genmor Plumbing have specialized cameras and locating devices that can be pushed down into your sewer lines and other plumbing pipes. This helps to locate the source of a leak. They can also isolate specific sections of pipe and flood them with water to try to spot leaks. Noise techniques and devices can sometimes be used to detect a leak location audibly.

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