Why Should I Pay Attention To My Garbage Disposal In San Jose

    San Jose garbage disposals are the quick, easy, and convenient way to eliminate food waste without taking out the trash. A disposal system is an integral part of your kitchen, helping keep the area clean and running smoothly. For this reason, a system on the fritz can put a halt to all of your cooking. Not to worry! The garbage disposal experts from Genmor Plumbing, Inc. are ready to help you with your disposal woes! Contact us on our webpage today or find us on Facebook to schedule a service window with one of our technicians.

    San Jose Garbage Disposal Repair

    Like most machines, disposal systems are liable to lose efficiency or effectiveness over time. However, homeowners can overcome this problem with our San Jose garbage disposal repair services. A jammed disposal system is the most common issue most homeowners experience with their garbage disposal. However, leaks, poor grinding, and low drainage are all problems that can cause a disposal module to underperform.

    A trained technician will have to remove your unit and then disassemble it to repair these and other problems. In taking the machine apart, the technician will be able to examine the individual components of a disposal device for wear, jams, or other complications. It is here that you or your plumber will be able to make a decision. Is it worth repairing your current setup? Or would you be better off replacing the entire appliance?

    Is A San Jose Garbage Disposal Replacement Necessary For Me?

    The moment your garbage disposal unit fails, you suddenly feel a void in your home. Even if you’ve never so much as thought about your disposal system, its unexpected failure can leave you feeling lost. Without its help, you’re forced to dump food waste in a bin and hope that it doesn’t stink up the whole kitchen. It won’t be long before you make the realization; you need a new disposal.

    Garbage disposal systems are simply indispensable elements of our kitchen space. Being without one is like having a kitchen without a range or refrigerator. Sure, it can be done, but do you really want to live like that? Luckily, there’s no need to live life without a working garbage disposal system. When you have the professional team of plumbers from Genmor Plumbing, Inc. on your side, no plumbing issue is too complicated. The San Jose garbage disposal replacement services provided by our technicians is sure to help you make the right decision when choosing your next unit.

    What To Look For In A New Garbage Disposal In San Jose

    San Jose garbage disposals from Genmor Plumbing

    If you decide to replace your appliance, there are a few important specifications to keep in mind while picking a replacement. These include:

    • Feed Type

    • Motor Size

    • Chamber Size

    • Noise:

    Feed Type

    Generally speaking, disposal systems come in two different feed types: continuous and batch. As the name suggests, continuous systems operate as long as their wall switch is in the “On” position. Batch types require the manual insertion of a stopper into the system’s mouth before any food is processed.

    Motor Size

    Disposal motors range in power level from 1/3 to 1 horsepower. Most models fall in the 1/2 horsepower range, but higher horsepower usually provides better performance and less noise.

    Chamber Size

    Chamber size and motor size tend to correlate, with larger motors usually having large chambers. A larger chamber, of course, can handle higher volumes of food.


    Garbage disposal systems do not have official noise ratings, so this detail may be difficult to quantify. However, larger, costly models generally run at a much quieter noise level.

    Can I Perform A San Jose Garbage Disposal Installation Myself?

    Garbage disposal units use a variety of mechanisms to grind, shred, and pulverize food. As you may have guessed, this makes working with them a dangerous job. As such, we do not recommend that the average homeowner deal with their system’s issues without expert help. San Jose garbage disposal installation is something that only professionals should handle to ensure your safety. When installing or replacing a garbage disposal system, it is best to seek out the help of an experienced plumber.

    Maintaining Your Garbage Disposal In San Jose

    Here are some easy maintenance tips to keep your garbage disposal in good condition:

    • Flush Your Drain: A cold water flush will help reduce buildup.
    • Grind Ice Cubes: This process helps keep the blades clean and sharp.
    • Avoid Clogs: Eggshells, bones, starchy foods, and coffee grounds can clog the drain or disposal.

    Have Us Install and Service Your San Jose Garbage Disposals

    If you encounter an issue with your garbage disposal, avoid potential injury and further problems by giving our team a call. We will provide you with the best solution and get your kitchen running smoothly in no time.
    Give Genmor Plumbing, Inc. a call today at 408-215-4612 and speak with one of our experts in San Jose garbage disposals. We will provide you with a free estimate and help you make the right choice for your garbage disposal needs. All of our work is backed by our 100% satisfaction guarantee.

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