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    Discover expert San Jose plumbing installation and repair services when you call 408-215-4612 today. Fast, reliable service and honest pricing everyday. We are just a call away. We can come to your home or business and help diagnose whatever plumbing issue you are having. Click here to see our current online specials and deals.

    Plumbing Services in San Jose, CA

    Genmor Plumbing puts a big emphasis on customer service. For us, it means that each and every customer that we speak to, work with, or quote on, must feel like they are our only customer. We make it a top priority to make sure everything we do has an explanation, one that you will understand.

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    Covering a Wide Range of Services

    It’s easy to get upset, frustrated and anxious when you have a serious plumbing issue in your home, but knowing you have an effective solution that’s just a phone call away makes a world of difference. No matter how big or small your plumbing troubles are, Genmor Plumbing has the personnel, the experience and the expertise to handle it. If it has to do with water and it is causing you trouble, we can provide you with a solution that makes sense.

    All Types of Properties

    It’s no secret that plumbing problems don’t discriminate between residential and commercial properties, and we proudly service both. it doesn’t matter if it is a huge detached house, small apartment, office building, shopping mall, condominium complex, manufacturing facility, restaurant or a retail store. If you need plumbing help, we will be there to provide it for you. All you have to do is call and explain the situation and we will send a technician to get the process started.

    In Case of Emergency

    Plumbing emergencies can happen at both residential and commercial properties, and since they don’t usually follow regular business hours, we provide 24 hour service, so you never have to feel like you are alone. Burst pipes, broken sewer lines and severely clogged drains can cause massive water damage and emotional distress. Calling for plumbing help as soon as you realize you’re in an emergency situation will speed the response time and help minimize damages. To make it even faster, save our number right now so if you’re ever in a plumbing emergency, you’ll already have a number to call.

    Professional Plumbing Service in Several California Communities:

    Cupertino Plumber
    Santa Clara Plumber
    Palo Alto Plumber
    Mountain View Plumber
    Milpitas Plumber
    Fremont Plumber
    San Jose Plumber

    If you need reputable, high quality, cost-effective plumbing service, call Genmor Plumbing Service at 408-215-4612 in San Jose, CA and the surrounding communities. We will send a fully licensed plumber to your home to provide you with the expert service you need.

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