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    5 Innovative Ways to Remodel your Bathroom for the New Year

    One of the most important rooms in any San Jose home is the bathroom. This room receives constant traffic throughout the day by both occupants and guests. Over time, it becomes apparent that the room is dated and fixtures are showing wear and tear.

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    Take a Survey

    When deciding to remodel your bathroom it is important to take a survey of what needs to be done to take care of family needs and still wind up with a room that is functional as well as attractive. After deciding how much money is available, visiting a home improvement store will be helpful. These stores have booklets that show different bathroom layouts and what innovative designs are available.

    Enlarging Space

    Many times older home bathrooms were built in small spaces that are awkward and difficult to provide with a modern look. In planning a design change look to see if a wall can be moved. This will offer the opportunity to enlarge the space as well as to incorporate larger fixtures and a modern design.

    Bringing in Light

    Outside light, which is missing in many bathrooms, should be considered when enlarging the bathroom. It gives a feeling of space and airiness in the room. This may involve enlarging or re-placing a current window with one etched with an attractive design.

    If it is an interior room, installing a skylight will often add light that shows off the re-designed space.


    Over time, fixtures often develop stains, chips or have other cosmetic discrepancies. Sometimes a shower and/or bathtub can be re-glazed which will save a great deal of money while producing a “new” look.

    If the decision is made to buy all new fixtures, there are many new models on the market that present a modern, up-to-date look. These include things such as steam showers, hinged glass doors, heated floors, and other attractive additions. It is extremely important that the fixtures blend with other design plans.

    Hiring Outside Personnel

    In a bathroom remodel, always consult with qualified personnel before any work is begun. A licensed San Jose plumber will be able to advise you regarding moving pipes and fixtures. They will also be able to tell you whether re-locating these things is practical.

    If a wall is to be moved or other construction is to be done, such as new cabinets, then it is important to employ a licensed building contractor. They will not only be able to do the work quickly and correctly but will know all the building codes involved.

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