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    Noisemaker or Music

    Music is something that many are used to listening to in a bathroom in a store, the airport, or even at work, but not necessarily at their San Jose home. There are noisemakers that are put into a bathroom to help with privacy concerns, especially since no one wants anyone listening to them go to the bathroom.

    The noisemaker can help to cover up certain sounds that are made in the bathroom, and it makes it so no one else outside of the actual bathroom can hear any unpleasant noises. The noisemaker may simply have white noise coming through it, but there are some that actually will have music, whether it’s classical or it’s the favorite music of the person who owns the toilet. It’s possible to activate the music by simply pushing a button on the toilet, or it might be activated by a remote control.


    It can get very hot in certain parts of the world, and who wouldn’t want an AC unit when it gets hot? Although air-conditioning is nice, it’s very unlikely that anyone thought of getting air-conditioning on their backside while using the toilet. There are toilets that can dry the behind, but it’s not necessarily hot air that has to be used.

    When it’s hot outside in San Jose, many prefer to have cool air, and the makers of toilets that have air-conditioning obviously thought of this. The toilets will have very cold air blowing onto the posterior that will dry the backside but also does it in a manner that’s cool, even though it may be warm in the bathroom. This is very useful for those who may easily get overheated and can’t stand the few minutes of using the bathroom because of the excess heat.


    Even those who like warm air on the backside won’t be left out with the toilets of today because a dryer is now used to dry the behind on the toilet with warm air. Similar to drying the hands with a hand dryer, the air is warm and comfortable and can easily dry off the behind, probably much quicker than a cool blowing dryer, such as one with AC.

    Many would prefer the warm air on their behind, but it also depends on the climate the persons in as well as the climate of the bathroom. The dryer can also be controlled by a remote and turned on as needed.

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