Why You Should Remodel Your Bathroom Soon

    10 Reasons to Remodel Your Bathroom 

    There are two rooms in the home that people utilize most, the bathroom and the kitchen. Whether you’re wanting to put the home on the market soon, or you simply are ready for a change.

    There are many reasons why you should remodel your bathroom. You need this space to get ready for work in the morning, to relax, and take care of Mother Nature’s calls. If you’re on the fence about a bathroom remodeling project, here are 10 reasons why now is the time to call your local contractor and get the ball rolling.

     San Jose, CA bathroom remodeling
    1. You want to reduce your carbon footprint.

    The products of yesteryear don’t hold a candle to the products of today. Energy efficiency and lowering utility bills are important. While the bathroom doesn’t use that much electricity, it can if your hot water heater is powered by electricity. Over the past few years, the cost of fuel and electricity has skyrocketed.

    While remodeling that bathroom, it may be time to think about putting in a tankless water heating system. This hot water on demand system will allow you to save money and recoup some of the money you spend on the remodeling.

    Also, consider features like a toilet that uses less water to flush and a shower head that reduces water consumption. By making a few changes here and there, the remodel can almost pay for itself in savings.

    2. The cost of lumber is down.

    The price of lumber will dictate how much your remodel will cost. Right now, there are no hurricanes or other major disasters that will drive the price up. When the market is down, it’s a great time to plan your remodel and get it done for less.

    3. Contractors are cutting prices.

    In days gone by, anyone with a clipboard and a pencil could call themselves a contractor. The market soon became flooded and this caused many to fall by the wayside. Thankfully, those who are left standing to handle your bathroom remodel are the ones who have stood the test of time.

    Contractors are more willing to take on the smaller jobs, like remodeling your bathroom, than doing a whole house. Since work is not as ample as it once was, they are willing to do the little things just to keep their crews busy. What all this means to you is savings. Contractors are slashing prices to ensure they have plenty of work to go around.

    4. Safety and Universal Design

    The overall design of your bathroom may not be the best. If you don’t have updated electrical GFI outlets and features that are deemed standards in safety, it’s a good reason to remodel. The overall design of your bathroom may not be conducive to a safe situation.

    If you have an elderly person or someone who is disabled in the home, adding safety bars and other general things to enhance the security is advisable.

    5. To Fix Repairs

    Most people have some little nuance in their bathroom that needs to be fixed. It can be a leaking faucet or a shower head that rains down on you while you’re trying to use the tub part. Whatever the issue, a remodel will fix the problem and give you one problem less to deal with on a daily basis.

    6. Functionality in Your Bathroom

    Does the overall flow of you bathroom space get on your nerves? Perhaps you share this bathroom with more than one person and you need more square footage and another sink. If the functionality of your space is all wrong, a remodeling project can fix it. One of the great things about tearing it all out is that you can put it back just the way you want.

    7. To Put Your House on the Market

    If you’re thinking about selling your San Jose home within the next couple of years, remodeling your key areas may be wise. Since bathrooms and kitchens pretty much sell a home, one that is outdated could cost you a sale too. Look at current trends and what buyers are looking for. If your bathroom doesn’t match the going look then remodeling is advisable.

     San Jose, CA bathroom remodeling 28. Update to Current Styles

    Do you walk into your bathroom and see shades of pink, blue, green and other colors from a decade gone by? If so, your bathroom is screaming out for an update. The gold fixtures were great in the 1980s, but by today’s standard, they are outdated.

    A remodeling project can entail as much or as little as you want. You can tear down all the walls or you can just update things. How much and how far you go is all up to you. The important thing is to bring that space into the current decade.

    9. It is one of the most used rooms in the house.

    The bathroom is one of the most utilized spaces within the home. Since you spend so much time here, why not make it look spectacular? Sure, there are other things your hard-earned money could go on, but the bathroom is just as important as the kitchen. If you have several people using this space, it needs functionality, more room, and a great layout.

    10.  You want to add additional space.

    When it comes to bathroom remodeling, one thing that needs to be remembered is space. Some of the older San Jose homes don’t have adequate space for towels, washcloths, and other storage items.

    Space is something that is non-negotiable in a bathroom. Women need a place for their makeup, and contact lens products. Men need a place to put their razors, cologne, and other necessities. Stop worrying about the cost and start worrying about what you need when it comes to space.

    A quick remodeling project can give you the space you need to ensure your most used space is a neat and tidy one.

    There you have it, the 10 reasons why a bathroom remodeling project is perfect for you.

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