What are the Reasons of My Garbage Disposal Leaking?

    Many have the thought that buying the most costly appliances, electronics, and cars means that it’s a lot less likely to have a breakdown or malfunction, but this is far from the truth.

    garbage-disposal-connectionsAnything that’s mechanical in nature can break down at any time, and that means those that have a garbage disposal may find that it’s leaking, even though they may not know the exact source of the leak. There’re multiple reasons why a leak may be coming from the garbage disposal, such as:

    • A connection is worn and needs replacement
    • The garbage disposal has a crack
    • The sink flange has loose plumber’s putty
    • A hose needs replacement
    • Bolts for the waste disposal are loose
    • You need a new unit due to too much wear and tear

    The Connections- A garbage disposal has several different connections that will secure it in place as well as connecting it to the drain and the sink, and any one of these connections can develop a problem and start to leak. It’s always wise to check every connection on the garbage disposal unit, especially checking at the bottom of the unit because there could be a problem with the flywheel seal, which results in a leaking garbage disposal unit. Once you check all the connections for the garbage disposal, it’s likely that you’ll find the leak unless it’s coming from a crack in the unit.

    A Crack- If there is a crack anywhere in the garbage disposal unit, then it’s going to leak, whether it’s near the top of the unit, in the middle, or at the very bottom. Cracks in a garbage disposal can very bad, but some of them can be patched, even if it’s temporary, but you may need to get a new garbage disposal unit.

    Sink Flange- A professional plumber may have put in the garbage disposal unit and added enough plumber’s putty to keep the unit attached to the sink. The putty may have worn out over time, especially if the unit has had a lot of use, so replacing the putty should fix the leaking problem.

    Dishwasher Hose- The hose that connects the garbage disposal to the dishwasher to allow it to drain may have a crack or tear in it, which results in a leak that may or may not be significant. Patching or replacing the hose will fix the leak, but replacing the hose is the best choice.

    Bolts In The Unit- There are several places on the garbage disposal that has bolts, and if any one of these bolts is loose, then the garbage disposal can start leaking. Loose bolts can be caused by the vibration when the unit is turned on, especially when the unit is on for an extended period or has been used for many years. Tightening these bolts can help to fix the leak, but also consider replacements if tightening the bolts doesn’t help to stop the leak.

    garbage-disposalNew Unit- Your garbage disposal may have a leak in one place or several places, which might mean you need to replace the unit entirely as opposed to trying to fix it. If you’ve had your garbage disposal for years, then consider buying a replacement unit and getting it professionally installed to get rid of your leaking problem as well as to get a new unit that is less likely to leak.

    Taking The Right Precautions

    When you own something like a garbage disposal unit, you have to take precautions that will help to keep the unit in working order as well as to prevent it from leaking. Many leaks from a garbage disposal are caused by wear and tear, but human error is also a possibility.

    If you were doing any plumbing work or checking underneath your sink and accidentally hit the unit, you may have caused damage that eventually led to a leak.

    It’s also possible that the unit has been used too often and for too long, which then causes additional wear and tear that leads to a leak. Always use a garbage disposal in the right way, and never let the wrong objects go into the unit. Caring for the unit ahead of time is the best precaution to take to make sure it works well and for a long time. Also, it’s always best to purchase a unit that is less likely to rust, which can lead to a whole host of other problems.

    Did You Check The Connections?

    avoid-a-garbage-disposal-leakAlways make sure to check every connection to the garbage disposal unit when it’s leaking, especially since you may find a leak in one connection but not know that another connection also has a leak. Replace any parts that need it, and always test out the unit with water in it before you establish that the leak has been fixed.

    Are There Any Cracks In The Unit?

    A cracked garbage disposal unit may mean that you’ll have to get rid of the current unit to get a new one. Since the crack can be caused by rust or wear and tear, you can have the unit examined to see if it can be salvaged, but buying a new unit may be a better choice.

    Cracks can be anywhere in the unit, so check the garbage disposal by removing it from under the sink and looking on the inside as well as the outside for cracks.

    What To Do Next

    If you know you can do any repairs on your garbage disposal unit, then have no fear because you can always call a plumber to fix the unit for you. When you need to install a new garbage disposal, then your plumber can do that as well, so give them a call.

    Garbage disposals can easily be repaired and replaced in San Jose, CA by contacting Genmor Plumbing, Inc. at 408-215-4612.

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