Use These Tips to Make Your Disposal Work Better

    Tips to Have a Functioning Garbage Disposal

    With Fall approaching, there has never been a better time to check over the many appliances found in a home. One of the most-used appliances in any San Jose home is a garbage disposal, which can make cooking and the subsequent clean-up much easier.

    However, because many people believe they can do no wrong with their disposals, they make many mistakes with them. But by taking some time to make sure they are treating their disposals with care, they can avoid many potential pitfalls.

    San Jose, CA Garbage-Disposal-ServicesUse the Disposal Regularly

    Even though most disposals are used on a regular basis, it has still been deemed very important by most manufacturers that people use their disposals as much as possible.

    If a disposal is used infrequently, the results can be rust and corrosion of many of the moving parts, such as the blades.

    When this happens, a plumber should be called to examine the disposal and make the repairs that are needed. In some cases where the disposal is older and has not been used much, the corrosion may be so extensive that a new disposal will need to be installed.

    Don’t Put Trash in the Disposal

    Surprisingly, many people try to use their San Jose garbage disposal as a trash can and put various types of items in them. Needless to say, the results can be disastrous.

    Nothing but biodegradable foods should be put into the disposal, and if anything other than that finds its way into the grind chamber the blades and motor can be severely damaged.

    In many cases the damage may be beyond repair, forcing a homeowner to pay for both a plumbing service call as well as a new disposal. Plumbers always tell people if there is any doubt about whether something belongs in a disposal, it should always be thrown in a trash can instead.

    Be Wary of Hot Water

    While many people believe running hot water in a garbage disposal is always a good thing, it is in fact just the opposite. Running hot water can not only allow grease to accumulate and liquefy, but will also lead to the grease clogging drains.

    A plumber will need to be called to solve this problem, since the amount of accumulated grease may have also damaged the motor or the disposal’s blades. For best results, grease should never be put into the disposal, and cold water should be used instead of hot.

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