Top 3 Reasons Your Water is a Different Color

    Why Is Your Water Discolored?

    Examine the Water

    San Jose, CA Discolored Water ServicesMost people don’t look at their water very clearly until something is wrong with it. If water always comes out clear, then why would someone examine it or look twice unless it starts coming out a different color? If water starts coming out brown, then there is definitely a problem with the water supply in your San Jose home. There may be a few reasons why the water supply has turned brown, and each reason should be examined thoroughly before coming to a final conclusion.

    Find The Culprit

    It’s possible that the pipes haven’t been turned on in the home for some time, possibly months or years, and this has caused the water to come out of the faucets brown.

    1. Rust may have accumulated for some time in the faucets, and the rust is continuing to degrade and mix with the water that is running through your pipes.

    2. Recent repairs done by the city or those working on the water source to your home may not have been done properly. The recent work may have allowed dirt, soil, or other debris in the water source that are now turning the water brown.

    3. It’s possible to look around for the source of the brown water on your own, but there is no guarantee that you’ll find it, especially if it resides within the piping system. You may need to get a professional to figure out what is causing the brown water issues, and there may be some repairs that have to be done. If it’s determined that the pipes are the problem, whether it’s because of rust or other issues, then the pipes may need to be replaced completely with pipes that are less likely to rust. Until the actual problem is pinpointed, it’s a good idea to avoid using the water, especially if debris are coming out into the water that you are drinking from the tap.

    Fix The Problem

    San Jose plumbers are incredibly valuable when it comes to fixing brown water issues in the home, especially since they’ll be able to tell you what the problem is, and they can fix it. Even if the problem resides with the hot water heater, then it’s still a possibility for the plumber to fix the problem for good. If the plumber suggests that the piping be replaced, then be aware that this is something that will need to be done if you want to see clear water running again.

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