The Top 2 Best Ways to Clear Stubborn Drain Clogs

    If you ask any homeowner, they will no doubt tell you their preferred drain cleaning method. Between hydro jetting and snaking, there are many ways to keep the drains clean. Clean drains in your home are vital for a healthy plumbing system and efficient plumbing appliances. Clogged and dirty drains lead to overflowing sinks, foul odors and more.


    Hydro jetting and snaking are two of the most highly recommended drain cleaning methods. Both are safe, effective and fast. But which is better for stubborn clogs? Let’s take a look at the facts:

    Hydro Jetting 101

    hydrojettingHydro jetting does exactly what it says it does. Using a high-pressure jet of water, technicians can clear out years of grease and debris from the drains. This service is ideal for hardened clogs and stubborn or recurring blockages.

    Hydro jetting is so powerful that it also helps smooth the inner texture of the pipe wall, getting rid of any porous patches left behind from chemical drain cleaners. This helps prevent future clogs before they can even start.

    What is a Plumbing Snake?

    Plumbing snakes are long cables with rotating blades mounted on the end. The technician feeds the cable into the drain and waits until they feel resistance against it. Resistance means they are right beside the clog. When the cable is in place, the technician will start turning a crank on their end to rotate the blades and chew up the clog. The small chunks are the perfect size to either wash through the system or get pulled out when the cable is removed.

    Reasons to Choose Snaking over Hydro Jetting

    plumbingsnakeSnaking is often the first service a technician will recommend as a solution to a clogged drain. The service is fast and easy making it the preferred method for drain cleaning.

    However, snaking is really only effective on soft, simple clogs so if you have a hardened stubborn clog or recurring blockage, we recommend hydro jetting to get the job done permanently.

    Is it Safe to try at home?

    Many homeowners prefer taking things into their own hands; this is why the use of chemical drain cleaners is so popular, despite the damage they do to the pipes. It’s strongly recommended to not try hydro jetting at home. Operating the water jet can lead to expensive mistakes by someone who isn’t properly trained or experienced.

    Technicians are also trained to inspect your pipes before they perform the service to ensure the pipes are not already weakened or damaged before hydro jetting starts.

    Whether you’re looking for a quick fix to a random clog or you need a more serious solution for recurring blockages, the experts at Genmor Plumbing, Inc. in San Jose, CA have the answers. Call 408-215-4612 today to speak with an expert.

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