Talking about your toilet can be helpful

    3 Challenges of Using and Maintaining a Toilet

    Nobody likes to have their toilet break down, but the good news is that when it does a San Jose plumber can often locate and fix the problem rather quickly. After all, the toilet is arguably the one item in a home that is indispensable to everyone living there.

    Yet while everyone acknowledges the importance of the toilet, few are fully aware of the endless challenges involved in maintaining a toilet. To find out just how challenging a task this can be, take a look at the following tips.

    San Jose, CA Toilet Maintenance ServicesSlow or Weak Flush

    When a toilet has a very slow or weak flush, there are several possible scenarios. However, the most likely cause is clogged holes located along the inside of the tank’s rim or a clogged siphon jet hole that’s located in the bottom of the bowl.

    If any of these holes stay clogged, the toilet will eventually become almost impossible to flush and a plumber will need to be called in to solve the problem.

    While some people try to use sticks or clothes hangers to unclog the holes, they often do more harm than good and wind up clogging the holes even more. For best results, have a plumber apply an acid wash to the inside of the bowl, which almost always produces favorable results.

    Faulty Seals

    One problem that is almost guaranteed to create numerous problems with a toilet involve faulty or leaky seals. When this happens, the problem can result in the floor below the toilet staying wet and eventually rotting if no repairs are made.

    In addition, seals that are not closed properly can lead to water shooting out in a steady stream between the tank and the bowl, further complicating matters. If either of these problems ensue, a plumber will need to be called to fix the problem. An easy repair for plumbers, it should lead to seals that are properly aligned and sealed together.

    Water in the Tank

    Contrary to what many people may believe, that hissing sound coming from the toilet’s tank is water making its way into the tank and leading to a variety of plumbing problems in your San Jose home.

    The most common one is higher water bills, while will continue until the problem is resolved. In most cases, the problem turns out to be a flapper that is worn out or damaged, therefore leaving it unable to properly seal the tank after each flush.

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