Summer Fun Activities for Water Conscious Homeowners

Sometimes when the summer sun is beaming down on you, all you can think about is how to escape the scorching heat. It would feel great to take a dip in the pool or hose yourself down with a dose of refreshing water. But are you able to beat the heat while trying to conserve water?

A big reason water usage spikes across the country is because people use it to cool off during a hot day. The average family uses about 320 gallons of water per day during the cool months, according to the Environmental Protection Agency. That figure can rise to about 1,000 gallons per day during the summer. Some families might even use up to 3,000 gallons per day, which is about the same as running a garden hose for eight hours straight.

This amount of water usage is bad for your utility bill while putting a strain on local resources. Fortunately, there are a number of ways to beat the heat while conserving water.

Here are some summer activities you can do that will help reduce water usage.

Cool Off While Watering Your Lawn

Hit two birds with one stone by watering your lawn and cooling off at the same time. Set up a sprinkler and let your family use it like an attraction at a water park. Jump back and forth through the jets, all the while feeding your yard and garden.

It’s a chance to beat the heat while keeping your grass green and flowers looking beautiful. If you don’t have a sprinkler, you can use a hose and have your kids take turns jumping through the stream.

All you need to participate is a bathing suit.

Teach Your Kids How to Garden

If you’ve got a green thumb, take the opportunity to teach your kids how to properly maintain a garden. It’s a way to teach them about water usage and provide life skills, such as how to take care of the things in and around the home.

One trick is to use local plants. If certain types of flowers are known to grow in the wild where you live, it means they’re able to grow on their own without much supervision. This means less attention, and less water, are required. By doing this, your kids learn about patience and the value of starting and finishing a project.

Take a Trip to the Local Pool

Why drive up your own water bill when you can use some that’s publicly available?

A visit to the public pool can be a relief on a hot day. These facilities always staffed during opening hours and have trained lifeguards on duty to help with any problems. You can relax knowing your kids will be safe while they play.


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