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    The Top 3 Bathroom Trends To Watch For In 2016

    San Jose, CA Annual Trends

    Fixtures That Are Square In Shape

    The shape of fixtures in a bathroom are now going from standard square shapes, which is something that many are starting to fall in love with. Some want a square shaped shower head, as opposed to the standard round shaped shower head. Even angular shapes are becoming a hot commodity, and since people like the look of squares or blocks, they want to incorporate it into their fixtures. Even tubs that are square in shape are being purchased these days, so the standard rounded tub is no longer as popular as it used to be, even though many San Jose homes still have them. Although people are starting to steer away from square tiles that have been standard for many years, they are now implementing the same squares into their fixtures as opposed to putting this shape onto their floor or walls.

    A Trough Sink

    These types of sinks are very big in size, and they are long enough to where two people can use the sink at the same time. Although the name may sound unappealing, these sinks have grown in popularity, and these will be trending in the year 2016. Instead of having his and her sinks, which would give a small individual sink to two different persons, a trough sink is now becoming the norm, even in households where the two people sharing the sink are not related or married.

    These sinks are also good for those who want to wash clothes, instead of putting the clothes in the washer. Ladies may wash their undergarments, and men may choose to wash their undergarments as well. These sinks are even big enough to wash large-sized clothes or even sheets if necessary, which is one of the reasons why they are becoming so popular.

    Heated Flooring

    Since nobody likes walking across a very cold floor, heated floors are a must. Many San Jose homes have heated floors, but some don’t think to put heated floors in a bathroom, which is a very common place that gets cold. Since most bathrooms have floorings like tile and hardwood, it makes the floor more susceptible to cold. Many may spend long periods of time in the bathroom, which can make the floor even more unbearable. Heated floors are also a great way to dry out excessive moisture in a bathroom, which is also a good way to prevent mold.

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