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    5 Home Winterization Tips

    It might not be winter just yet in the San Jose area, but stay top of mind of the tips of winterizing your home.

    There is something to be said for those who make the choice to winterize their home. It is great for saving energy which helps them on their bills and helps the environment all at the same time. You might want to look into this yourself as the Winter season is fast approaching us all.

    San Jose, CA Winterization Tip ServicesBubble Wrap The Windows

    It is easy for windows to have cracks and for warm air to escape out of them as a result. Therefore, it is a money saving idea to try to put up some bubble wrap around those windows.

    It sounds funny at first, but this is a strategy that works for keeping the warm air in and keeping the cool Winter air out where it should be.

    Change The Direction Of Your House Fans

    If you have indoor fans, you need to consider the direction in which they are blowing. Many people do not even realize that there is more than one direction that these fans move in, but this is the truth.

    There are certain directions used to produce cooler air for the home while the opposite direction is meant to be used for holding the warm air in your San Jose home.

    Bring In More Insulation

    Insulation keeps the home warm, and the more of it the better. If you notice that you are lacking in this insulation, you need to add some more of it to make sure that your home is completely protected against the fierce Winter weather.

    It is really easy to add some more and you can buy insulation at most home improvement stores if you are in the market for that kind of thing.

    The Window AC Unit Has To Go

    Unfortunately, the window AC unit may be doing more harm than good. There is at least some chance that this is a drag on your electricity bill.

    Even if you are not actively using it, it can still be a drag on the electricity bill as it happens. Make sure you pay attention to this and get rid of that unit if you are not planning on using it.

    Lower The Water Heater Setting

    You are probably leaving the water heater at its default setting. Few could blame you as this is typical of a lot of people. That being said, you can lower the settle to help yourself save some money this winter.

    Winter is almost upon us in the San Jose, CA area. To get the best advice on winterizing your home, call Genmor Plumbing Inc. at 408-215-4612 today!

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