Spring Plumbing Hints and Tips

    Spring is here and a lot of people are looking for ways to tidy up their homes while the weather is still nice and before the full heat of summer kicks in. When most people think about spring cleaning they think about ditching old clothes and other items that aren’t used as much anymore. While your home will definitely be tidier thanks to this, we encourage you to give your plumbing a little attention this springs so your water will be flowing easily all summer long.

    Check on Your Water Heater

    A lot of people turn their water heaters up over the winter, but it’s important to turn it back down in spring. It is recommended to keep your water heater thermostat at 120 degrees F to avoid scalding yourself and to save energy. If your water heater had a hard time keeping up over winter make sure to call a professional to have a look at it before the problem gets worse.

    Check your Sprinkler System for Leaks

    It’s very common for water to freeze in sprinkler systems over winter and break pipes. Make sure to inspect your sprinkler system when you start using it again in spring so that you can catch leaks. Fix any leaks you find to avoid high water bills throughout summer.

    Drain the Sediment out of your Water Heater

    Sediment collects at the bottom of your water heater which will reduce efficiency. Make sure to drain your water heater once a year to avoid sediment buildup and extend the life of your water heater.

    Check Water Lines Underneath your Sinks

    Even a minor leak can waste a lot of water over the course of the year. Take advantage of the nice weather, wedge yourself under that sink, and get those leaks fixed. It’ll be a lot less uncomfortable if you do it now rather than in the full heat of July when that leak gets worse and starts dumping water.

    Schedule a Drain Inspection

    If you’ve noticed slow moving drains in your home make sure to schedule a drain line camera inspection. A professional inspection can find leaks and root invasions before they get worse and cause serious damage to your home. Make sure to walk along the path that your sewer line takes to the street as well and look for muddy areas or areas where the grass is higher than the rest because that could mean that you have a leak in your sewer line.

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