Why You Should Focus on Your Outdoor Plumbing for Spring

    With all the many items you need to accomplish with spring cleaning, dealing with your outdoor plumbing may seem like a hassle. Rest assured, though, that this time is well spent.

    Much like with your indoor plumbing, proactive maintenance makes your system more reliable and more efficient, saving you money in the long run. Here are some essential maintenance tasks for you to complete.

    Gutter Cleaning

    Get those leaves out of your gutter because they block proper water flow. As the rain falls, it needs to reach the downspout to move water away from your home.

    When the path is blocked, the water is in danger of leaking through the roof or towards your home’s foundation.

    Either way, these structures need protection from water damage. Make sure that gutters are free and clear.

    Check the Sprinkler out

    This spring, inspect your sprinkler to catch any leaks or other problems before you get too far into the season. If you notice puddles of water around your lawn, bubbling water, or sunken patches, call your San Jose, CA plumber for help because you leak.

    Also, attend to the valve boxes. Rodents like to crawl inside and gnaw on the wires. This is also another place to check for leaks. If there is water in the boxes, that is a cause for concern. They should be dry.

    Check that the nozzles aren’t bent or broken; replace as necessary. Replace controller batteries and ensure that the settings are when you want to water. Ideally, try to water in the evening and early morning, because less water evaporates.

    Check the Outdoor Faucets

    A dripping tap indoors is a cause of water waste; the same can be said for your outdoor faucets, too, so you need to check them out. Turn the faucet on and off. Does water appear where you wouldn’t expect to see it?

    Turn the spigot on to see if there is a leak deeper in the supply line. Place your hand on the opening. If you can hold the water back with your hand, you should call your plumber for a complete leak inspection. Weak water pressure like that probably indicates that you’ve got a leak deep down.

    Replace Hoses if Necessary

    Garden hoses don’t last forever, so you need to check them out every season to make sure that they are operational.

    Patch up small holes as you can. Unfortunately, even a pinhole can leak much water, wasteful and expensive.

    To keep your hoses lasting longer, store them properly. Unkink them and roll up, either to hang on the wall or a hose caddy.

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