National Kitchen & Bathroom Month is a Great Time for Home Renovations!

    The National Kitchen and Bathroom Association declared October to be National Kitchen and Bathroom Month in 1982. It was designed to help homeowners with information, tips, and promotions involving bathroom and kitchen renovations.


    Did you know that October is actually the perfect month to consider an upgrade or renovation? It’s far enough from the holidays to get the job done before things get busy and it’s deep enough into the school year so your kids will be occupied with their new routines and classes.

    If you’re considering a bathroom or kitchen renovation this October, consider some of these tips on making the most of the latest trends while avoiding the ones that won’t last:

    How to Avoid Trends that Won’t Last

    If you remember avocado kitchens or shag carpeting in the bathroom, you’ll have firsthand experience that not all bathroom and kitchen trends are meant to last. In fact, that’s the true nature of a trend; it doesn’t last.

    The best way to avoid making a mistake and investing in a trend with a short expiry date is to simply consider your personal needs. Looking past the trend to choose good quality, functional pieces will ensure that you choose components and appliances that will last forever and stay stylish for just as long.

    Should you invest in a new shower or tub?

    Bathroom trends are moving away from combining showers and baths in a single unit. Instead, they are getting separated into two focal points for your bathroom. But what if your bathroom is only big enough for one? We recommend considering your personal preferences. If you prefer baths, install a bath. If you prefer showers, install a shower.

    Another way to get the best of both worlds is to split your shower and tub between multiple bathrooms so you will be able to enjoy either whenever you want.

    Top Bathroom Trends for 2016

    bathroom-vanityThe biggest trend for bathrooms these days is to create a spa-like experience. Simple, elegant design is the biggest trend for bathrooms in 2016.

    Some of our favorite trends for this year include:


    Trough sinks: These sinks are large, easy to clean, elegant and practical. Many homeowners are choosing these sinks as the centerpiece for their bathroom upgrade.

    Stand-alone tubs: Built-in tubs are the way out to be replaced by stand-alone units. These tubs give homeowners more choices and customizable options for their bathrooms.

    Heated floors and anti-fog mirrors: Technology is one of the biggest trends for new bathrooms. Heated floors and anti-fog mirrors are two of the most significant and luxurious ways to upgrade your bathroom.

    Other popular choices trends are open concept vanities and shelving units, square or rectangular faucets and energy-efficient toilets.

    The Best Kitchen Trends This Year

    Upgrading your kitchen can make a difference throughout your entire home. New appliances, fixtures and other components will give your home an instant face. Much like with the bathroom trends, many of the kitchen trends incorporate fusing form and function to create a beautiful look and practical kitchen component.

    Some of the best kitchen trends include:

    • Apron sinks
    • Modern cabinets and drawers with damping
    • Quartz countertops
    • Bold, oversized fixtures
    • Commercial-style appliances
    • Architecturally designed faucets that incorporate technology such as automation

    How to Avoid the Duds

    With all these great upgrades and bathroom and kitchen trends, there are many options to choose from when planning your renovation. But how do you avoid trends with a short expiry date? By simply considering the unique needs of your home and making decisions based on your genuine likes and dislikes, you will be able to avoid bad trends and make sure your renovation money is invested in products that will last.

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