Mountain View Gas Lines

    Mountain View gas lines supply your home with the lifeblood of your heating systems. Without gas, most homes can’t run their furnaces, water heaters, and other appliances that use gas for fuel. For this reason, gas is a critical part of your home’s infrastructure but also one of the most dangerous.

    If you’re not taking good care of your Mountain View gas lines, then chances are you’ll eventually find yourself dealing with a gas leak. Unfortunately, these leaks not only cause your utility bills to rise, but they also threaten the wellbeing of your property and its residents! That’s why finding someone who will regularly care for your property’s gas lines is such a critical part of being a property owner.

    When it comes to expert service for Mountain View gas lines, successful business owners always rely on help from the professionals at Genmor Plumbing, Inc. Genmor’s team of trained plumbers has everything they need to ensure that your gas lines are in great shape, meaning that you’ll never have to worry about gas line surprises. Our fully licensed (No. C 36-833961) and experienced specialists have served the Bay Area’s need for gas line repairs, replacements, and everything in-between for over twenty years. So call one of our service representatives today or contact us through our online portal to get service for your Mountain View gas lines.

    Recognize The Common Signs Of Issues With Gas Lines In Mountain View

    As you might have guessed, gas lines are pipes that transfer gas, usually natural gas, into your home. Your furnace, water heater, or other appliances then use this gas to generate heat. While generally harmless and extraordinarily useful, gas lines in Mountain View have been known to cause serious problems. Among these problems, these four are the most common:

    • Hissing Noises: If you notice an unusual hissing noise in your home, it may be the sound of natural gas escaping from your pipes! A leak is the most likely culprit if the sound comes from an area known to have gas lines.
    • Rising Utility Bills: A gas leak might be silent, but its effect on your utility bill is always noticeable.
    • Gas Leaks: As the gas in your home is very much flammable, a gas leak in your lines could easily result in fires or explosions. While much less severe, gas line leaks also produce an unpleasant smell, not unlike rotten eggs.
    • Carbon Monoxide Buildup: As the gas in your home burns, it produces an odorless byproduct known as carbon monoxide. If your ventilation system fails, this gas can flood your home and cause suffocation.

    These issues are difficult to identify unless you have the proper equipment. Even more challenging is locating the source of the case. Rather than finding the problem yourself, you should contact one of our professionals who can help you using the latest tools and technology for the job.

    Mountain View Gas Leak Detection Methodology

    Most in-home gas leaks are small, so small that they are practically undetectable. Unfortunately, while these leaks may not have a significant impact on your household, you can be sure that they’re causing your utility bills to rise. Luckily, our Mountain View gas leak detection service can locate even the most minor leaks using an electronic gas analyzer. These devices can notify us of gas flow and concentration fluctuations that help us pinpoint the location of leaks. Once identified, we can move towards repairing the leaks.

    Who To Call For Mountain View Gas Line Repair

    Suppose you find that you’re experiencing any of the tell-tale signs of a gas leak (hissing sounds, rotten egg odors, rising utility bills). In that case, the first thing you need to do is exit your home. Once safely outside, you should contact either emergency services or a reliable plumbing company(that’s us!) for help.

    Contact emergency services if you need immediate assistance with a leak, especially with one outside your property line. However, if the problem is minor and in your home, contact Genmor Plumbing, Inc., and we’ll rush out to help you. With our Mountain View gas line repair service, we’ll have you back in your home in no time. Unfortunately, specific jobs take more time than others.

    A Gas Lines Replacement in Mountain View Solves Most Problems

    While uncommon, gas lines do deteriorate over time due to multiple factors. Lousy weather, geological events, or mechanical damage can all lead gas lines to become entirely unusable. A simple repair is not enough; you need a gas lines replacement in Mountain View. Only a replacement can ensure that you will suffer further leaks.

    Let Us Take Care Of Your Mountain View Gas Lines

    A do-it-yourself approach puts you, your family, and your home at risk. Minor errors or neglected leaks can lead to fire or even explosion. If you notice any indication of a major gas leak in your home, evacuate the house immediately, and contact emergency services. Once safe, call us at (408) 215-4612 to resolve the problem. You’ll always speak with a live member of our team. We never keep you waiting, constantly work to higher standards of excellence, and provide expert service throughout Mountain View.

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