Plumber Recommended Methods For Fixing A Leaky Faucet

    Faucet leaks are a common phenomenon in most San Jose homes and other water utilities. They cause considerable water losses and damage to the structural rigidity of buildings. The average house in the United States spends 10% of its water bills on leakages.

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    There are four types of faucets; Compression, Cartridge, Ball and Ceramic disk type. Each of these faucets is unique in their assemblies and operations and are thus serviced differently for leakages. Detailed below are the plumbing methods for solving each type of leak.

    1.Compression Faucet Leaks

    These leaks are remedied by replacing the washers and the O-rings. If the leak persists, the seat may be scarred. It is achieved by removing the stem and grinding smooth the valve seat with a valve-seat dresser and mounting the assembly back. If all these fail, then the whole stem is replaced by taking note of the hot and cold parts as they may be different in some cases.

    2. Cartridge Faucet Leaks

    For leaks that emanate from the sprout, the seats and the springs are replaced. If the drip persists, the cartridge needs to be replaced. Further leaks from the handles is a pointer that the O-rings are worn out. In this case, buy and fix a new kit comprising of a cartridge and O-springs.

    3. Ball-Type Faucet Leaks

    Ball type faucets have numerous parts and are thus tough to diagnose the leak. As such, they need a complete replacement kit with all new parts. The rationale for this option being that a total replacement of the faucet is more economical than repairing. An alternative to a complete overhaul of the kit is to replace the entire fixture, which is even more expensive.

    4. Disc Faucet Leaks

    Check and replace damaged seals. The cylinder openings should be thoroughly cleaned and rinsed before replacing the faucet back. In a case of replacement of the cylinder, which is hardly necessary, new screws are used in mounting and securing it back.

    Given the enormous financial costs associated with leaky faucets, a spike in San Jose water bills and the need for structural renovations in buildings, it is advisable to get the right professional services depending on the type of faucet in your premise.

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