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    Five Easy Ways to Cut Water Usage

    When San Jose people talk of conserving natural resources, the conversation turns to how to cut water usage. With many states in the U.S. having difficulties with drought conditions, it’s a topic that gets plenty of attention. As a result, there are more and more ways people can find to cut their water usage in their San Jose homes.

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    While some methods can be more costly initially, such as purchasing new appliances, others simply rely on common sense. If you’re wanting to discover more ways to cut your water bills and help the environment at the same time, take a look at the following ways to reduce your water usage.

    Sinks and Leaks

    When it comes to wasting water, one of the biggest ways people do so is by leaving the water running while shaving or brushing their teeth. Often a habit, it’s one that can result in many gallons of water being wasted each time.

    In fact, by replacing an older faucet that uses 3.5 gallons of water per minute with one that uses only 1.5 gallons per minute, a home’s water bills can be reduced between 25-40 percent per month. Along with turning off the sink, making sure any leaks have been fixed can also result in drastic cuts in water usage.

    Washing Machines

    One of the most water-consuming appliances in a San Jose home, a washing machine that is used improperly can result in large amounts of wasted water. By only using the washer when you have a full load of laundry to wash, you can save several gallons of water per load.

    Along with this, trading in your old machine for a newer, high-efficiency model can also save water. These machines, along with using less water per load, are also made to handle larger loads at one time, which also reduces water usage.

    Toilets and Showers

    If there is one room in the house where large amounts of water are wasted, it’s the bathroom. This is particularly true of toilets and showers, which often waste gallon after gallon of water daily. For example, toilets made before 1993 use up to 3.5 gallons per flush.

    However, newer toilets use less than half of that per flush. As for showers, they use less than one-third as much water as a bath, and for those that have a low-flow showerhead, water savings of between 1.5-4 gallons per minute can be achieved during the shower.

    Put savings in your pocket this month by cutting the water usage in your San Jose, CA home. Call Genmor Plumbing, Inc. today at 408-215-46123, and see how much you can save this month.

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