Is Replacement Better than Repair? The Answer Might Surprise You!

It’s a question every homeowner in San Jose, CA asks themselves when faced with a busted plumbing device. Repair or replace? Installing new equipment can be expensive, but nobody wants to deal with constantly repairing something that breaks easily.

One must weigh the benefits and drawbacks of either decision. It may be pricey to purchase a new plumbing device, but a modern model may be more eco-friendly, and you won’t need pay for repairs frequently. So when should you begin to shop around for a replacement? Let’s go over the reasons why it may be best to buy upgraded versions of several key plumbing devices.

Water Heater Clues

“waterheater”Water heaters are designed to function for ten years, but it’s common for them to show signs of distress well before this time.

Rust spots, water leaks and loud noises due to sediment buildup are clear indications something is amiss.

These can result in a drop in efficiency and accelerate the rate of deterioration. Be on the lookout for failure to heat water up to appropriate levels.

Tankless water heaters are your best bet if you’re looking to replace your old unit. They connect directly to a home’s plumbing, which comes means they’re able to deliver a limitless supply of hot water and deliver it on demand. Since there’s no tank needed to store and heat up water, you save on space and fuel. Efficient and practical.

Kitchen Sink Signs

“kitchensink”Any old kitchen sink that cracks frequently could lead to potential disaster. Leaky sinks could result in water damage that spreads across the area.

This makes additional expensive repairs likely. Purchasing a brand new sink and properly sealing it could quell any damage.

If you’re buying a new sink, you may as well get water-efficient faucets. These should help decrease your water consumption and shave a few bucks off your water bill.

Dirty Shower Tops

“showertop”Sediment could build up in your shower top over time and result in a clog. This can affect the water pressure and efficiency, which in turn could result in burst pipes and water damage in the surrounding area.

If you’re unable to take care of the buildup, it may be time to shop for a replacement shower top. It’s a good opportunity to find a water-efficient shower top, which should help when it comes to water consumption and utility costs.

Washing Machine Symptoms

“washingmachine”Washing machines are meant to last about ten years, but as they age, there’s an increased chance they will exhibit signs of decline.

A leaky machine which isn’t caused by loose hoses or overloading of the washer may indicate a crack in the tub. This can be expensive to fix, at least enough it may make more sense to buy a new device. If your washer is loud, the cause may be a loose drum or motor mount. This is another expensive problem to fix and may warrant buying a new machine.

The good thing about buying a new washing machine is there are many eco-friendly options on the market. It’s a chance to buy a model that will help you save on water and energy while lowering utility charges.

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