Get Summer Started with These Kickstarter Tips

    5 Summer Plumbing Tips

    San Jose PlumberAs the scorching hot summer waves approach, expect water usage to be at their highest levels. With kids out of school for their much awaited summer break and family members needing to take a cool shower twice or more per day, your home’s plumbing system may encounter issues unique to the season.

    Here’s 5 summer plumbing tips to keep clean water supply at bay and used water flowing out freely.

    Maintaining Water Sprinklers

    The fixture is especially common in suburban areas where households have their own front porches and backyards.

    If you have a sprinkler system, check the heads to make sure they are working smoothly and are sticking out of your lawn at the proper height.

    If you’re not cautious, the heads may end up getting accidentally run over by a lawnmower, bike, or even your car.

    Look For Leaks Around the House

    Leaks can be very expensive to repair, even more so if the problem is not identified and resolved quickly. If the leak is big enough, it could cause flooding in the basement or ground floor. Be sure to thoroughly check your water hose for any leaks or tread wearing. If you identify leaks in a pipeline, consult our professional plumbers immediately.

    Don’t Ignore Clogged Sinks

    It may seem like a minor problem that will go away if you ignore it long enough, but clogged disposals can actually make it more difficult for plumbing systems to expel or deliver water.

    If you notice frequent clogging in your sinks, mind how you dispose of food wastage. Hard fruits and vegetables should be disposed directly into a trash bag and not in the sink.

    Monitor Your Washing Machine

    San Jose Summer Plumbing TipsWashing machines and dryers are at their busiest cycles during the summer season since more clothes need to be washed more frequently.

    Ideally, monitor the washing machine as it is running to quickly intervene when a problem in the cycle arises. Without this immediate intervention, the costs of repairing or replacing a part can be more expensive.

    Preventative Inspect Pre-Summer Ritual

    Having your plumbing systems inspected by a certified and experienced plumber before Summer starts can ensure that all of your home’s plumbing components are working properly.

    If repairs or replacements are needed, you can also have them resolved at a much cheaper cost since you avoid the seasonal price hike in plumbing services during the hot summer months.

    Looking for more insight on summer plumbing tips for your San Jose home? Call Genmor Plumbing Inc. at 408-215-4612 today, and see what works for you!

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