Don’t Suffer a Pet Plumbing Disaster

    Pet Owners Plumbing Tips

    Your pet is a beloved member of your household, and while you love having Fido or Snowball around, there are times when their very presence can lead to plumbing disasters.

    For people that are interested in maintaining clean pipes and drains while keeping a cat or dog, here are four tips that ought to do the trick:

    San Jose, CA drain cleaning services1. Don’t Flush Kitty Litter

    Even if your cat’s litter is labeled “flushable” on the box, it is never a good idea to flush it down the toilet. Litter has been known to cause harm to plumbing systems regardless of how it is labeled.

    Even if it passes through without incident, the clay and synthetic materials will dirty your pipes and create build-up which leads to clogs.

    You should also avoid flushing cat waste down the toilet. Cats tend to eat items that cannot be completely digested, such as bones, and these items may wreak havoc with your plumbing.

    It is always best to scoop both your cat litter and his or her waste into a plastic garbage bag and then dispose of it in the trash.

    2. Cover Exposed Pipes And Drains

    All pets enjoy gnawing on random objects, and an exposed pipe may appear to be a perfect plaything. Many kittens and puppies have even been known to chew on exposed pipes to develop their teeth for hunting.

    Open drains also pose a hazard. There have actually been several instances of curious young puppies and kittens that have fallen deep into a pipeline and required rescuing.

    Therefore, it is important that any exposed pipe or drain that you know of is covered to prevent any unfortunate emergencies involving your pet. This can be as simple as sliding a heavy piece of furniture over exposed pipes or drains. Some stores even offer drain covers if a drain is located in a difficult spot to cover.

    3. Check Your Water And Sewer Lines Outside

    If your dog enjoys digging up the backyard, make sure that he or she is kept away from the area where your sewer and water lines are. Sometimes these lines are not buried as deep as you would think, and they can be easily found by a curious pet. They may even be located as close to the surface as 18 inches underground.

    These lines may appear as giant chew toys and if your dog pulls them out of the ground, you will have larger problems than a wet, irritated dog. A hole in either line can immediately disable plumbing in your San Jose home. That is why it important to keep all pets away from such an area.

    4. Use A Drain Strainer Or Stopper

    When it is time to bathe your cat or dog, it is a good idea to use a drain stopper or strainer. They may seem inconvenient, but they are crucial in preventing pet hair from clogging your pipes.

    You may not realize that your pet sheds as much as he or she actually does. Even if your pet is short-haired, your animal sheds. As a matter of fact, all mammals do.

    So while you may feel that your pet doesn’t shed a significant amount of hair, large amounts of fur can come off while scrubbing. This especially happens if your pet squirms a lot.

    Like bringing a new baby into your San Jose home, living with a cat or dog means making a few adjustments. However, by adhering to these tips, you should keep the plumbing in the home that you share with your furry friend in tip-top shape.

    Don’t let your fluffy pup clog up your drain! If you need drain cleaning in your San Jose, CA home call Genmor Plumbing Inc. at 408-215-4612 today!

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