Don’t Mind The Myths

    The Top 5 Plumbing Myths

    Myths, while being a good story and something that offers comfort to a person, are in most instances just stories that have little truth in them. That’s often the case with myths related to home maintenance, especially the various plumbing components such as pipes and drains.

    San Jose, CA plumbing_services_360For people who follow these myths on a regular basis, the result is often numerous problems that must be fixed by a San Jose plumber. If you’re still following myths that are putting your plumbing in peril, here are some of the most common myths still being used today.

    Maintenance Requirements

    Many people mistakenly believe that plumbing requires no maintenance whatsoever in order to work effectively. But as plumbers know, that is not how it works. If pipes and drains are left on their own long enough, cracks, corrosion, and clogs are inevitable.

    Therefore, it’s best to regularly inspect all aspects of a San Jose home’s plumbing to look for any signs of damage that may need a plumber’s expertise. And while you’re looking around, be sure to examine the various fixtures for any problems they may have. However, don’t use hand soap to clean them, since that will damage the finish and leave the metal looking dull and dirty. A common problem with brass fixtures, plumbers recommend using a metal cleaner designed to protect finishes.

    Anything in a Drain

    For some reason, many people believe that anything can go down a drain and never wind up as a clog. However, if that were the case, plumbers would see their business decrease dramatically. The truth is that if the wrong things are put down the drain, clogs will be the result.

    Grease and oil poured down drains will result in clogs, no matter how much water is run down the drains. And for those with garbage disposals, running water with such items as cigarette butts, banana peels, and metal cans will do nothing to prevent damage to the disposal’s motor, gears, and blades.

    Lemons Don’t Do Enough

    While it’s nice to think lemon rinds will clean a garbage disposal, the fact is all that’s accomplished is making the disposal smell like a lemon. If the disposal is to be cleaned properly, a cleaning solution of soap and warm water must be sprayed into the disposal and allowed to soak everything for 10-15 minutes. Afterwards, using a cleaning brush will rid the disposal of grime, bacteria, and food particles.

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