Create Savings with Low Flow Fixtures

    How Low Flow Fixtures Can Help You Save on Water

    San Jose PlumberWater in many places can be a very expensive utility. Conserving water is also important for helping to preserve the environment.

    This is certainly the case in places that routinely suffer from devastating droughts. One way to increase your home’s water conservation is through the use of low flow appliances like toilets, showerheads and faucets.

    Low Flow Toilets

    Low flow appliances, as the name implies, are designed to use less water than traditional toilets, shower-heads and faucets.

    For toilets, most improvements that lead to less water usage were the result of engineering redesigns. These days, complex computer programs help design low flow toilets to achieve hydraulics that minimize the amount of water needed.

    Better use of gravity as a means of moving out waste has also decreased the amount of water necessary to use a low flow toilet Newer designs called dual flush toilets even use less water to flush out urine than for solid waste to increase efficiency.

    Low Flow Shower-heads

    Another common kind of low flow appliance is the low flow shower-head. Unlike toilets, making a shower more water efficient is far easier since only the shower-head needs to be replaced. It is worth the investment too since regular shower-heads can use twice as much water.

    There are two different kinds of low flow shower-heads. This includes aerating and non-aerating. The difference is aerating low flow shower-heads allow in air to replace some of the water.

    Non-aerating low flow shower heads do not use air. Instead, the shower-head decreases the amount of water used by changing the size of the water drops so they are smaller yet better focused.

    Low Flow Faucets

    San Jose Fixture Installation ServiceLastly, installing low flow faucets is another way you can increase your water conservation. Installing a low flow faucet fixture could lead to you saving gallons of water a month in your home.

    Like certain kinds of low flow shower-heads, low flow faucets implement an aerator. This aerator mixes the water flow with air. This can greatly lower the amount of water coming out of the faucet while in use.

    Thanks to the air being sent through the faucet, the water pressure is not reduced either. This means being able to wash your dishes and hands as well as before but with less water.

    Overall, low flow appliances can lead to you saving money and helping the environment. They are certainly well worth the investment.

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