Are You Submerged Under Water?

    Ways to Detect a Water Leak in Your Home

    When people open up their water bill month after month and find the total continuing to increase, there’s a good chance they have a water leak in their San Jose home. However, finding that leak can be harder than it seems.

    San Jose, CA Water-Leak-Detection-ServicesWhile some leaks may be obvious, such as dripping faucets, others can be extremely hard to detect.

    However, by being proactive and having a plumber conduct an inspection of the home’s plumbing system, any potential leaks can be detected and fixed.

    Leaking Showers

    While almost all homes now have showers, more and more of them are also common sources of water leaks.

    According to plumbing experts, leaking showers may waste anywhere from 500-1,000 gallons of water per year if left unchecked.

    One of the best ways to check for a leak is to examine the shower head after turning it off after a shower.

    If it continues to drip after being turned off, a leak exists and needs to be fixed. A plumber should be called, since showers can be tricky for those unfamiliar with them and lead to bigger problems if repairs are not done correctly.

    Humidifier Leaks

    For San Jose homes that have central HVAC systems, humidifiers attached to the furnace can sometimes leak continuously, creating much higher water bills. Responsible for providing a constant water supply to the cooling system, they contain an overflow drain to the home’s sewer.

    If the refill valve in the drain malfunctions, water is directed to the sewer instead. Unfortunately, these leaks can sometimes go undetected for months or even years, which can lead to tremendous amounts of water being wasted.

    But by having the home’s HVAC system checked each year, any leaks can be quickly detected and remedied.

    Check the Water Meter

    One of the best ways to detect a water leak in the home is to take a close look at the water meter. By turning off the water meter, recording the current reading, and then waiting 15-30 minutes before turning it back on and recording the reading again, detecting a leak can be possible.

    This method is used primarily to detect large leaks in a home, such as those associated with a main water line leak or leak in the sewer line.

    For any of these situations, a plumber should be contacted immediately to ensure the problem gets fixed. Unfortunately, these repairs are often some of the most expensive as well.

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