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    What are the 3 Main Water Heater Regulations? And Why are They Important?

    As energy conservation becomes more important in San Jose, new mandates have been put in place to ensure greater efficiency when it comes to water heaters. Based on recommendations from the Department of Energy, new models of water heaters must now comply with federal regulations that will help homeowners see an increase in efficiency and a decrease in their monthly utility bills. To find out more about these new regulations, here are some key points that may make them easier to understand.

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    Home Water Heaters

    The good news regarding these regulations taking place is that many San Jose homeowners will see additional savings as a result. Based on Department of Energy standards, water heaters used in residential homes will be required to be more efficient than ever.

    In fact, these heaters are expected to be on average 5-10 percent more efficient than past models. Based on the fact that 20 percent of a home’s heating costs are attributed to heating water, and the savings could potentially be several hundreds dollars per year.

    55 Gallon Tanks

    While residential water heaters will be more efficient from now on, it is those heaters that hold 55 gallons or more that may see the most savings. Because many of them do not currently meet required efficiency standards, they will be required to use various types of technology in order to comply.

    Two of the most widely used technologies that will be implemented with these heaters are electric heat pump technology and gas condensation technology. Of the two, gas condensation technology is expected to produce the most results. By being able to cool exhaust gases, it can keep the heat from escaping and thus turn water vapor into condensation. By doing so, it’s estimated that more than 50 percent of households will enjoy substantial savings.

    Additional Installation Guidelines

    Along with additional technology being used in water heaters, there will now be additional guidelines in place involving installation procedures. While some newer heaters will be able to fit into existing spaces, many will need to be relocated within homes due to the increased size and weight of the heaters.

    For heaters that cannot fit into any existing spots in a home, a new addition will need to be constructed in order to accommodate the water heater. Plumbers will need to be aware of these new regulations, and in many cases will need to be consulted prior to purchasing a new heater.

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